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Incentive Schemes

Any member of NOC and British Orienteering is eligible for the British Orienteering Incentive schemes.
There are 2 schemes, the Navigation and Racing challenges which enable you to track your progress through the colour coded courses.
You can find more information about the schemes: British Orienteering Incentive and Badge Schemes

Locally the East Midlands Orienteering Association have certificates available for competitors who meet the required standard for the same colour course on three separate occasions.

Standards are as follows:

White by anyone who successfully completes the White course.

All other courses are calculated using whichever of the following two methods gives the larger number of qualifiers:
  • • The time that is achieved by at least 50% of those who started the course, which includes those who retire or are disqualified. Each pair or group on Yellow and Orange courses (if any) should be treated as a single starter.
  • or
  • • 150% of the winner's time

At East Midlands events Men's and Women's times are calculated separately.

Certificates can be obtained by contacting the Awards Secretary giving full details of your results.

Sample image of award document
9 Apr 2017