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Corporate Days

Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club designs bespoke outdoor activity events for corporate groups, public sector, educational and other organisations.

We run events based in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire throughout the year for pre-booked groups. These events range from half a day to two days and can be designed for groups of 6 to 100 people.

All the coaches are professionally qualified and insured through Sports Coach UK and/or British Orienteering.

Our Range of Outdoor Team Building Activities
Let your staff be taught how to read a map on the move by some of the country's most talented and accomplished orienteers. Navigation training encompasses a wide range of practical and confidence-building skills. Beginners will learn navigation in country parks using paths and tracks. Once confident, participants are taught how to navigate to features off the beaten track.

What will your staff get out of the experience? The art of knowing exactly where you are will arm them with a new sense of confidence that will transfer back to the workplace.

Not only will your staff get a buzz from learning new skills but they'll also hone their team working as they tackle some of the team exercises designed to make them work together as efficiently as possible.

Contact Catherine Hughes to discuss your bespoke solution on 07940 575758 or email.
9 Apr 2017