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Travel: Link to StreetMap

Nearest Postcode for SatNav: (of necessity may not be very close)
NG25 0HW

Parking: Link to StreetMap SK701539
Please park in any of the public car parks. The Postcode indicates the Church Street car park where the public toilets are situated. There is some parking in front of the Leisure Centre on Nottingham Road. The route to assembly will be indicated from these two car parks with signs and tapes. Toilets are also available at registration in the Scout Hut.

Beginners: ... help here
This event is suitable for beginners.
Beginner courses are always Entry-On-Day - there is no pre-booking.
You only need to come prepared for a walk or run in the park/woods.
We like to help newcomers to get started. Please email to let us know
that you are coming and we will allocate someone to help you.

Courses:... explanation
1 MO18-35 7.8k 75m 29 controls 2 WO18-35 MV40+ 6.9k 70m 27 controls 3 WV40+ MSV55+ 5.8k 75m 23 controls 4 WSV55+ MUV65+ 4.4k 55m 20 controls 5 WUV65+ MHV/WHV75+ 3.2k 35m 16 controls 6 MJ WJ16- 3.7k 40m 15 controls

10.00 - 12.00

Start Times:
10.30 - 12. 15 Course 6 start times between 10.45 and 11.30 only.

Town and surrounding footpaths

Punching System:

Courses Overprinted on Waterproof paper

Dogs permitted on a lead

Public Toilet block at car park

Shadowing is compulsory for M/W 14 and younger and advised for under 16’s. Under 16’s are not allowed to enter senior courses that cross roads with significant traffic.

During the event you are responsible for your own safety and that of others. Follow the Highway Code and use pavements whenever possible. Take great care crossing roads and in car parks and use pedestrian crossings when possible. Always show care and consideration for others including pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists.
Competitors take part at their own risk.
It is recommended that whistles are carried.
Once you have started a course it is a rule that you don't leave the event without reporting to a download official even if you retire.

The Competitor Safety Slip can be downloaded and brought to registration if you wish to leave medical or emergency contact details. You may place in a sealed envelope. The slip will be only accessible to the organiser or first aiders and will be destroyed after the event.

Adults - £7 Students - £3 Juniors - £3
SportIdent Hire - £1
SportIdent Loss - £30


Jane Booker
Paul Morris
Hilary Palmer