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Travel: Link to StreetMap
Bramcote Hills 6th Form College, Moor Lane, Bramcote. This can only be accessed from the east bound side of the A52 dual carriage way.

Nearest Postcode for SatNav: (of necessity may not be very close)

Parking: Link to StreetMap SK507386
In the school car park at Bramcote Hills 6th Form College, Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3GA. Overflow car parking on the roadside on Moor Lane.

Beginners: ... help here
This event is suitable for beginners.
Beginner courses are always Entry-On-Day - there is no pre-booking.
You only need to come prepared for a walk or run in the park/woods.
We like to help newcomers to get started. Please email to let us know
that you are coming and we will allocate someone to help you.

Courses:... explanation
White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown.

10:00 to 11:45

Start Times:
10:30 to 12:15 Courses close 13:30

Inner city parkland with woodland on steep hills. Courses Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown will visit controls in the Hemlockstone area via a time-out crossing of a busy road. Courses White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green will stay in the Bramcote Hills Park area.

Punching System:
Timing is by SportIdent
Contactless punching is enabled for those with SIACs.
Everybody must punch conventionally at the Start and Finish.

Courses Overprinted on Waterproof paper

Dogs permitted on a lead

Toilets available within site buildings

This is an EMOA League Middle distance event with course lengths based on a nominal Black course of 7km. Middle distance course lengths will be shorter than at other Colour Coded events and courses have been planned to have many changes of direction. All courses at Orange and above have loops with a central common control numbered, for example, 3/10/13 or 8/11. Competitors must punch at each visit. Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses cross a busy road to visit controls in the Hemlockstone area via a timed-out crossing in both directions. Blue and Brown courses also cross another minor road. The area has contour detail in the wooded hilly parts, a park and playing fields.

Safety bearing - (a) in the main area of Bramcote Hills Park - west or south and follow the roads to the Assembly area. (b) in The Hemlock Stone area - Southeast to Coventry Lane, then via the roads to the Assembly area.
Please wear shoes with dobs or a good tread as some of the wooded slopes are steep. A dangerous crag in the Hemlockstone area will be taped along the top with black & yellow tape. There are some streamers to follow on the White course along a path with leaf cover, where children might find it difficult to see the path.
Competitors take part at their own risk.
It is recommended that whistles are carried.
Once you have started a course it is a rule that you don't leave the event without reporting to a download official even if you retire.

The Competitor Safety Slip can be downloaded and brought to registration if you wish to leave medical or emergency contact details. You may place in a sealed envelope. The slip will be only accessible to the organiser or first aiders and will be destroyed after the event.

Adults - £7 Students - £3 Juniors - £3
SportIdent Hire - £2 for SIAC
SportIdent Loss - £60
Extra Maps - £0:50


Julie Webster NOC
Hilary Palmer NOC
Simon Elliott NOC