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22 Jun 02Berry Hill Park
27 Jun 02Rushcliffe Country Park
11 Jul 02Haywood Oaks
13 Jul 02Bulwell Hall Park
20 Jul 02Burntstump Country Park
15 Sep 02Colwick Woods
27 Oct 02Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
23 Nov 02Bulwell Hall Park
24 Nov 02Harlow Wood
22 Dec 02Clumber Park

Results for Peter Palmer Relays, Martinshaw Woods, Groby, 08/09/2002

Final result set created at noon, replacing incomplete results of 9am

Relay Courses
A Open Race AC, AD, BC, BD, EG, EH, FG, FH, PD, QG, YY
B Small Clubs Race BD, FG, PD, QG, YY

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