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13 Jan 02Walesby Forest
16 Feb 02Blidworth Woods
17 Feb 02Clumber Park
17 Mar 02Bestwood Country Park
14 Apr 02Byron's Walk
2 Jun 02Vicar Water Country Park
9 Jun 02Colwick Park
12 Jun 02Nottingham City
16 Jun 02Rufford Country Park
22 Jun 02Berry Hill Park

Results for NOC Local Event, Colwick Woods, Sat 25th May 2002


Planner / Organiser's Comments

  Length 1.0 km, 50m climb, 7 controls

Nicky and Rachel            38:03     incomplete vandals

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Yellow Length 1.5 km, 70m climb, 8 controls Nikki 27:47 incomplete vandals Tash 30:55 incomplete vandals Back to Contents

Orange Length 2.8 km, 100m climb, 11 controls M Wallace M12 NOC 56:10 incomplete vandals Tom Vardy M16 NOC 62:50 incomplete vandals Back to Contents

Medium Star Score (2 sections, 12 controls) 1 A Wallace 72:10 Hilary Palmer missing #11 (nettles) Back to Contents

Long Star Score (3 sections, 21 controls) 1 Rob Palmer 60:37 Back to Contents

Planner / Organiser's Comments

Stephen Wright

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