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8 Dec 01Sansom Wood
23 Dec 01Harlow Wood
30 Dec 01Rufford Country Park
12 Jan 02Haywood Oaks
13 Jan 02Walesby Forest
17 Feb 02Clumber Park
17 Mar 02Bestwood Country Park
14 Apr 02Byron's Walk
25 May 02Colwick Woods
2 Jun 02Vicar Water Country Park

Combined results for NOC Short Races, Blidworth Bottoms, 16/02/2002

Result set created on 20/02/2002 at 8pm: control 143 back in splits for B2 and C2; corrected race 2 start times for Thomson and Langerud; added race 2 splits for Bloor.

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Class Results

Course splits
Course A Race 1 Race 2 OPEN
Course B Race 1 Race 2 WOMEN M45+
Course C Race 1 Race 2 M16- W40+ W18-

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