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14 Oct 01The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
28 Oct 01Sherwood Forest West
3 Nov 01Burntstump Country Park
17 Nov 01Harlow Wood
18 Nov 01Sherwood Pines
23 Dec 01Harlow Wood
30 Dec 01Rufford Country Park
12 Jan 02Haywood Oaks
13 Jan 02Walesby Forest
16 Feb 02Blidworth Woods

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Sansom Wood, Sat 8th Dec 2001

Controller/Organiser's Comments
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Length 2.5km 6 controls

 1 Kevin Parker        NOC    M40  33.00

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Medium Length 3.9K 9 controls 1 Catherine Hughes NOC W21 30.25 2 E Heritage LEI M40 30.35 3 Mark Thomson FVO M35 37.02 4 Harry Nicholson NOC M9 45.00 5 Jim Clarke NOC 63.50 6 R Llewellyn NOC M45 67.00 7 Richard Spencer NOC 101.30 Back to Contents
Long Length 5.5K 19 controls 1 Jim Mallinson LEI M50 86.25 2 Ray Barnes NOC 96.21 3 Tony Donaldson NOC M21 120.00 John Marriott LEI M50 rtd Ian Hodson DVO M21 rtd Back to Contents
Controller/Organiser's Comments A fine evening in the woods. A bit cold for just standing around though. Shame on me for making an error on the Long course - I am getting old. The woods were very runnable, but the terrain hardly pushes the technical side of orienteering. Andy Sykes planned some good courses which took advantage of the directions of run. Many thanks to Keith Streb for helping with the smooth running of the event.

Andy Jones

Planner's Comments (none)

Andy Sykes

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