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24 Jun 01Rushcliffe Country Park
1 Jul 01The Forest and Arboretum
14 Jul 01Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
16 Sep 01Bulwell Hall Park
22 Sep 01Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
6 Oct 01Rufford Country Park
14 Oct 01The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
28 Oct 01Sherwood Forest West
3 Nov 01Burntstump Country Park
17 Nov 01Harlow Wood

Results for NOC Local Event, Rufford Country Park, Sun 30th Sep 2001

Junior Score
Planner/Organiser's Comments

Length 1.5km

J Keywood & M Lee    10:50
E Parkinson          11:33
D Tesh & S McLeod    13:10
R Broomfield         13:18
A Carne              13:18
J Jacobs             14:45
A Park               14:46
Watkin               15:10
E Lee                15:30
A Morton             16:02
W Parkinson          16:12
W Coombs             18:28
S Horsewill          18:59
H Horsewill          20:28
C Smith              24:50
M Mills              36:45
Broomfield & Carne   10:22  non comp (second run)

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Yellow Length 1.9km A Macdonald 17:00 P Minshall 20:14 J Gibson 23:12 S Clark 24:10 E Macdonald 24:12 J Armitage 26:12 L Best 26:35 L Wilson 33:43 E Duckworth 34:17 James W 34:17 L Turner 36:24 M Mills 45:30 Back to Contents
Orange Length 3.2km S Robinson 23:42 R Hodkinson 30:52 P Hodkinson 31:48 A Llewellyn 37:32 M & A Wallace 41:54 M Burley 46:15 A & A Page 52:50 B Griffiths 54:57 M Wainwright 55:15 A Griffiths 56:16 P Bowen 57:03 P Burley 58:07 W Coombs 66:10 J Park 69:40 Back to Contents
Junior Score max 200 points in 40 minutes A McGlen & T Strickland 170 points S Hempsall 130 Speedies 110 S Arnold & N Gonsearenko 110 M Palmer & M Dobrzynski 90 D Britton & E Percival 70 S Robinson 200 non-comp 2nd run Back to Contents
Score max 200 points in 60 minutes S Bird 200 points R Robinson 200 B Bryant 200 C Olivant 200 M Wainwright 200 M Hampton 200 R Barnes 200 K Roberts 200 B Schutz 200 D Vincent 200 A Lucking 180 I Wainwright 180 J Ward 180 L Phillips 180 S Roberts 160 J Palmer 160 J Best 140 P Giles 130 A Portsmouth 100 C Horsewill 100 R Torr 100 P Smith 100 A Charles 80 Pickering -90 Massingham -130 Watkinson -200 P Steed rtd Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser's Comments An amazing turn-out for the second SMILE - hope to see many of you again at Rushcliffe Country Park next Saturday 6th October and at Burntstump Country Park on Sat 3rd November. These will both be informal SMILE competitions.

The 'one - person' organisation creaked a bit but you were all very patient!! Thanks to Pauline for her help at registration. One of my aims in putting on this series of low key events was to prove that simple competitions CAN be run with the minimum of workforce.

You are also very welcome to the Colour Coded events at Sherwood Forest West on Sun 28th October and at Harlow Wood on Sun 23rd December - same beginner courses as today but these events also have more of the harder courses for the 'experts'

Thanks to all the helpers who calculated results, checked punches and collected controls after their 'runs'.

Hilary Palmer

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