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20 May 01Berry Hill Park
27 May 01Colwick Woods
3 Jun 01The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
17 Jun 01Colwick Park
24 Jun 01Rushcliffe Country Park
14 Jul 01Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
16 Sep 01Bulwell Hall Park
22 Sep 01Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
30 Sep 01Rufford Country Park
6 Oct 01Rufford Country Park

Results for NOC Local Event, The Forest and Arboretum, Sun 1st Jul 2001

Light Green
Summer Special - Score

Planner/Organiser Comments


 1  Ella Pendry           -      W2      22:58
dsq E & F Williams        IND    -         -   w3

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Yellow dsq C Cregg IND - - m2, w11 dsq N Cameron & L Cooper IND - - w10,11 Back to Contents

Light Green 1 M Ward SYO M 18:45 2 B Williams - - 24:01 3 P Ward DVO W55 27:04 4 P Olivant NOC W 36:00 5 B Ward DVO M65 40:34 R Palmer NOC M21 rtd dsq A Pendry - - - m6 dsq ANO - - - w7 Back to Contents

Summer Special - Score 40 Mins score Time Points 1= Helen Palmer NOC W20 24:09 43 1= A O'Neil NOC W16 34:18 43 1= Hilary Palmer NOC W50 38:45 43 1= A Mills LEI W 38:56 43 1= A Paterson IND M21 38:59 43 6 M Ward SYO M21 32:40 42 7 R Barnes NOC M45 31:57 36 8 H O'Neil NOC W45 37:38 34 9 S Claxton NOC W10 33:35 22 Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser Comments Bit chaotic at first. I hope people enjoyed it once they got out there.

Thanks to Dom and Tim and Tim's Dad for helping.

Nick James

This was very much an last minute ad-hoc event. My thanks to Nick for stepping in at the last moment to ensure an event did happen. Nick had to arm-chair plan, and as a result control 11 on the Light Green had to be hung a little away from the now missing fence. Those who missed this have not been disqualified.

Ray Barnes (fixtures secretary)

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