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29 Apr 01Southwell Urban
13 May 01Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
20 May 01Berry Hill Park
27 May 01Colwick Woods
3 Jun 01The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
24 Jun 01Rushcliffe Country Park
1 Jul 01The Forest and Arboretum
14 Jul 01Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
16 Sep 01Bulwell Hall Park
22 Sep 01Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood

Results for NOC Local Event, Colwick Park, Sun 17th Jun 2001

Light Green
Photo-O Medium
Photo-O Long

Planner/Organiser Comments


Length 1.9km
 1  L & J Evans           NOC    W11     18:01
 2  Laura Billam          NOC    W7      18:24
 3  Samantha Vincent      DVO            22:27
 4  C Thomson             FVO    M7      24:23

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Yellow Length 2.7km 1 C & P Cregg Ind 24:37 2 L Billam NOC W7 27:22 3 O Pickles NHS 30:40 4 L& J Evans NOC W11 31:29 5 Sue and Winnie NOC 63:57 Back to Contents

Light Green Length 4.5km 1 Bob Alderson NOC M60 33:18 2 C Claxton NOC W40 36:36 3 J Evans NOC W40 38:32 4 D Vincent DVO 40:02 5 R Davis DVO W35 42:27 6 H Rice NOC W45 46:30 7 D Moir LEI M65 46:33 8 A Portsmouth LEI M45 50:51 9 M Burley IND M14 51:15 10 J Pickles NOC M50 61:29 11 Cregg IND M/W45 64:21 12 F&S Claxton NOC W8&11 64:33 13 P Burley IND M45 65:30 14 P Robinson DVO 68:40 15 A Jones NOC M70 68:59 16 S Moir LEI W60 70:17 dsq Richard Williams Ind 58:13 m7 dsq A Roberts Ind M60 41:27 m7 Back to Contents

Photo-O Medium 12 photos in 4.5km (5 min penalty per miss) 1 Hilary Palmer NOC W50 39:43 = 39:43 2 Mark & Stuart Thomson FVO 41:12 = 41:12 3 Keith Streb NOC M45 43:10 1 +5 = 48:10 4 Brian Ward DVO M 60:30 = 60:30 5 Jim Clarke NOC M45 58:20 1 +5 = 63:20 6 Pauline Ward DVO W 64:50 = 64:50 7 Jennifer Beverley NOC W18 55:00 2 +10 = 65:00 Back to Contents

Photo-O Long 18 photos in 9.5km (5 min penalty per miss) 1 Duncan Archer HH M21 32:00 9 +45 = 77:00 2 Roger Lewis SHUOC M21 79:52 1 +5 = 84:52 3 Tom Billam NOC M16 23:08 14 +70 = 93:08 4 Paul Beverley NOC M45 78:21 3 +15 = 93:21 5 NickJames/ColinOlivantNOC M16 80:07 8 +40 = 120:07 6 Paul Morris NOC M40 76:00 8 +40 = 116:00 7 Ian Wells DVO M45 134:40 9 +45 = 179:40 Michael Napier NOC M45 rtd Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser Comments A good turnout given the atrocious weather over the weekend - the near-lack of rain during the event was better than would have been expected. Especially good to see beginners turning up in less than alluring conditions. The times reflect the slightly longer courses, as well as the number of light green runners who took the west side of the river and not the east - read the control descriptions!

Paul Giles

Firstly, I must thank Paul for his first effort at planning. The Summer League scale is an excellent place to learn the ropes and I hope Paul didn't find the pressures too great to put him off taking on a C5 next time! Thanks to Duncan and Colin for checking the controls before the event.

Secondly, an apology for the burden taken on by the Olivant family following my decision to enjoy myself carrying 14lbs for 36km + 1600m of beautiful, dry but chilly Scottish mountains. I had just assumed that David and Paul could do the event themselves - I had overlooked that David was still not mobile, and consequently, Colin, Nicola and Pauline had rather more to do than expected.

And now perhaps a few words on the experiment of the Photo-O.

Both courses had the same difficulty, even sharing some of the pictures. Yet the approach taken by all on the Medium was in sharp contrast to that taken by some on the Long.

During preparation, I showed David the course and the photos, and he was able to identify all but two of the controls purely by the control descriptions and photos. Certainly, as mapper, he knew the area well, but he could see that for each photo there could only be two or three locations on or very near the line. I think the correct tactic was to follow the line expecting to find gullies or pits etc, and as each is reached to see if a photo matched. Yes, there were more photos on the Long, but some were quite quickly found, and several more were obviously excluded until you met the water features later on the course. There was only one SE Hedge, N end on the map - yet only two of you got it.

Mind you, I've seen just these same two approaches at ordinary events - run fast and hope versus run and spike.

Feedback received was that the photos should have been in sequence. Well you wouldn't have had to follow the line then, would you? I think it would have ensured that physical speed was more of a premium than the balance I tried to achieve with the cerebral side of our sport.

Congratulations to Hilary and Duncan for winning - but in very different ways but equally viable ways!

Ray Barnes

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