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Results for NOC Local Event, Berry Hill Park, Sun 20th May 2001

Light Green
60 min Score

Planner/Organiser Comments


Length 1.7km,  9 controls
 1= Jamie Martin          EBOR   M7   15:30
 1= Joy Hodkinson         NOC    W6   15:30
 3  Craig Thomson         FVO    M7   16:25
 4  Laura Billam          NOC    W7   16:40
 5  Tim Martin            EBOR   M10  17:22
 6  Samantha Vincent      DVO    W7   24:40

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Yellow Length 2.4km, 9 controls 1 Alex & Russ Blenki 13:55 2 Tom Mayfield NOC M12 17:16 3 Laura Billam NOC W7 18:05 4 Joy Hodkinson NOC W6 38:05 Back to Contents

Light Green Length 4.3km, 11 controls 1 Robert Parkinson NOC 28:10 2 Rose Hodkinson NOC W14 30:18 3 Paul Beresford SYO M21 32:05 4 Barry Williams IND M45 32:40 5 Steve Hodkinson NOC M45 33:30 6 D Vincent DVO M40 34:30 7 Kevin Bradley LEI M45 35:35 8 Peter Hodkinson NOC M12 36:16 9 Andy Portsmouth LEI M45 36:46 10 Jennifer Cook NOC W45 38:05 11 John Woodall NOC M60 39:36 12 Stuart Thomson FVO M10 41:16 13 Derek Bishton DVO M50 42:00 14 Brian Ward DVO M65 42:45 15 Mark Burley IND M14 42:47 16 Kevin Gallagher LEI 43:30 17 Emma Bishton DVO W14 46:55 18 Pauline Ward DVO W55 55:13 19 Joy Mellor EPOC W55 63:15 20 M Webb W45 64:55 21 Alan Jones NOC M70 72:38 22 Imogen Francis 76:45 23 Philip Burley IND M45 83:06 N/C James Corden 25:30 Back to Contents

60 min Score (Light Green course then Score in total of 60 mins) 1 Helen Palmer NOC W20 160pts 53:36 2 Paul Morris NOC M40 150pts 56:34 3 Ray Barnes NOC M45 130pts 59:11 4 S Martin EBOR M40 115pts 60:20 5 Keith Streb NOC M45 100pts 58:30 6 Helen O'Neil NOC W45 100pts 59:35 7 A & S O'Neil NOC W16 100pts 59:38 8 Hilary Hodkinson NOC W45 95pts 62:08 9 Hilary Palmer NOC W50 90pts 57:51 10 John Middler NOC M45 90pts 59:09 11 Brian Mellor EPOC M60 80pts 59:34 12 Paul Giles NOC M40 50pts 58:55 13 Thomas Billam NOC M16 40pts 38:36 14 Tom Corden IND 20pts 59:41 15 John Corden EBOR 47:27 Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser Comments It's often a bit disheartening to put on a minor or low key event, especially at night, and find that you get a very low key turnout. Today was no such thing -- thank you to everyone who came, and I hope you felt it was worth the journey -- all the way from Huddersfield and from York in a couple of cases.

So good was the turnout, in fact, that my estimate of map and C-D numbers needed was slightly low. Thank you again for your patience, and especially to those who gave in their map to be recycled. I also found it very heartening that people seemed perfectly happy to do all the registering, etc, themselves, and happy to fall in with a start system so obviously open to abuse. Thank you for making my job easier.

It's interesting to report, however, that some of these scrupulously honest people think it perfectly within the rules to have a guess at the answers to puzzle-O controls that they haven't been anywhere near!! No names will be mentioned, but I'm almost certain that at least 2 people gained a place in the results by these means! Town park 'O' is very un-technical and rewards the out-and-out runners, providing they don't then hesitate and fumble at the controls. I suspect we had a number of tortoises keeping up with hares today. I hope you had a moment's indecision over some of the route choices, although to be honest the differences would probably have made little difference to your time.

If your fumbling was due to Control 46 going missing at about 11.20, I apologise. It had been deliberately hidden - buried under the leaves in front of its proper position, as I found when I tripped over it at 1.00. I ought to have had the equipment and back-up to replace it, but I had assumed Berry Hill kids had more sense and better things to do. I must apologise too for the extra control which crept onto the Yellow map. I think it cost Tom a minute or two, but I don't think it cost him a place.

Alan Beardsley

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