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8 Jun 00Berry Hill Park
15 Jun 00Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
22 Jun 00Colwick Park
29 Jun 00Haywood Oaks
6 Jul 00Rushcliffe Country Park
23 Sep 00Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
14 Oct 00Blidworth Woods
21 Oct 00Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
18 Nov 00Harlow Wood
10 Dec 00Sherwood Pines

Results for NOC Local Event, Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood, Sun 30th Jul 2000

Light Green
Organiser's Comments
Planner's Comments
Controller's Comments

Name                   Age (yrs)  Time (mins)
William Parkinson        4          6
Elizabeth Parkinson      7          2:30 (best of 2)
Shane                   11          2    (best of 2)
Rachel                  10          3
Leanne                  10          4
Katie                    8          3
Andrew Laing             9          3:20 (best of 4)
Craig Thomson            6          3:06 (best of 4)
Stuart Thomson           9          1:38 (best of 6)
Bethan Griffiths         8          4
Mark Thomson            35          1:50
Susie Spencer            7          4    (best of 2)
Craig Spencer            9          3
Hannah Nicholson        10          2:20 (best of 2)
Harry Nicholson          8          1:56 (best of 3)
Rhianne                  3          3:15
Elizabeth Wiles                     4

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White Length 1.4km, 15m climb, 10 controls 1 Elizabeth Parkinson NOC 12:41 2 Stephen Britnell + Simon Kerr IND 13:34 3 Elizabeth Wiles IND 14:29 4=Thomas and Christopher Wiles IND 14:38 4=Claire Britnell + Jennifer Kerr IND 14:38 6 Andrew Laing (12:52) IND 15:17 7 Joseph Keyser IND 17:04 8 William Parkinson NOC 21:22 9 Andrew Laing (10:34) IND 23:38 ----------- White standard ------------------ Back to Contents

Yellow Length 2.0km, 25m climb, 9 controls 1 Hannah Nicholson NOC 22:20 2 Andrew Laing IND 24:45 3 Craig Thomson FVO M6 25:23 --------- Yellow standard ------------------ Back to Contents

Orange Length 2.8km, 35m climb, 11 controls 1 Harry Nicholson NOC M8 33:36 2 Kenneth Laing IND 43:27 3 Bethan Griffiths IND 43:34 ------------- Orange standard --------------- 4 Claire Britnell + Jennifer Kerr IND 98:57 5 Stephen Britnell + Simon Kerr IND 100:30 dsq Stuart Thomson FVO M9 36:40 m5 Back to Contents

Light Green Length 4.0km, 60m climb, 16 controls 1 Andy Sykes NOC M35 30:01 2 Robert Parkinson NOC M40 34:13 3 Alan Jones NOC M70 59:07 4 Norah Jones NOC W70 59:42 ----------- Light Green standard ------------ 5 Chris Galvin IND 84:38 6 Coxon NOC 97:59 7 Spencer Family IND 130:23 n/c Mark Thomson FVO M35 42:14 by map memory dsq Steve Keyser IND 56:27 m8 Back to Contents

Organiser's Comments This was our first participation in Ashfield District's 'Countryside Day', and we thank their bus service for delivering regular batches of potential participants to our event. Unfortunately most seemed to be taking the bus just for the ride and didn't stop to have a try.
Most of those marked INDependent found out about the event from the Web Site.
However, it was very noticeable that with 5 helpers and 3 event officials we were able to devote much more attention to each newcomer, which we trust will prove mutually beneficial in the long run.
Thanks to my small band of helpers who devoted a larger than usual part of their Sunday without even a run, and to A.D.C. for the use of their toilets.

Ray Barnes

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Planner's Comments This event was a Beginners Event to introduce newcomers to the sport, so I hope none of you found the courses too hard (or too easy!).
The comments after the finish you made were very positive so I hope you come and try orienteering again sometime.
I'm glad the weather was so good as I suspect that some of you may have been put off from coming if the weather was bad.
Thanks to Colin, David and Keith for collecting in controls.

Stephen Wright

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Controller's Comments Stephen planned some excellent courses.
As usual Ray appeared to be everywhere and thought of everything.
I managed to check most of the controls on my bike. Oh and the sun shone all day!
What was missing do I hear you ask? Well apart from competitors nothing really........ a couple of useful contacts were made and everyone had a good time.
Thanks go to the chosen few who assisted on the day.
Hope to see you all at the next event.

Keith Streb

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