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11 Dec 99Haywood Oaks
19 Dec 99Berry Hill Park
30 Jan 00Blidworth Woods
1 Apr 00Sherwood Pines
7 May 00Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
25 May 00Sutton Lawn
8 Jun 00Berry Hill Park
15 Jun 00Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
22 Jun 00Colwick Park
29 Jun 00Haywood Oaks

Results for NOC Local Event, Blidworth Woods, Thu 18th May 2000

Summer League

Summer League Short Course Clifton/Bristol 35 mins Medium Course Ray Barnes / Keith Streb 86 mins Stephen Robinson / Colin Olivant 94 Alan Beardsley / Bob Alderson 94 Tony Donaldson / Hilary Palmer 107 Dave Booker / Jane Booker 108 (Organiser: Richard Torr) Back to Contents