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3 Oct 99Bestwood Country Park
16 Oct 99Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
13 Nov 99Blidworth Woods
27 Nov 99Rufford Country Park
5 Dec 99Byron's Walk
19 Dec 99Berry Hill Park
30 Jan 00Blidworth Woods
1 Apr 00Sherwood Pines
7 May 00Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
18 May 00Blidworth Woods

Results for NOC Local Event, Haywood Oaks, Sat 11th Dec 1999

Organiser's Comments
Planner's Comments

Controller's Comments
Length  1.1 km,  15 m climb, 6 controls

 1  Rebecca Gelsthorpe                6:40
 2  Jonathan Jones    CBS    M11      7:26
 3  Josie Park        NOC             8:17
 4  J. Kirtley Q.Batterbury          13:20
 5  S & S Teesdale    NOC            18:33
 6  Laura Billam      NOC    W6      22:03
---------- White standard ----------------
n/c A Tongue          NOC    M14      6:21

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Yellow Length 1.8 km, 20 m climb, 8 controls 1 A Franks BLS 11:28 2 A Banks BLS W9 11:58 3 L Moors BLS 12:43 4 Joseph Beeby NOC M12 14:11 5 Sam Masson Holly M9 14:24 6 Matthew & Alasdair Yarrington NOC 16:54 7 Peter Blackwell IND 17:21 8 R Jackson BLS 18:00 9 T Strickland BLS 18:29 ----------- Yellow standard -------------- 10 Jonathan Jones & Rebecca Gelsthorpe CBS 18:37 11 Joe Masson Holly M6 20:54 12 A Garton BLS W10 21:44 13 Family Smith IND 25:24 14 Gemma Tongue NOC W12 26:14 15 Bethan Griffiths IND 26:34 16 A Bendall BLS 26:52 17 Laura Billam NOC W6 28:01 18 Simon Teesdale NOC M4 33:56
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Orange Length 2.7 km, 20 m climb, 9 controls 1 Mark Beeby NOC M40 26:13 2 Miles Yarrington NOC 37:55 3 Andrew Tongue NOC M14 40:03 4 Paul Teesdale NOC 43:17 5 D Bishton DVO M50 43:25 6 Dave Tongue NOC M35 48:32 ----------- Orange standard -------------- 7 Francesca Watson NOC W14 49:39 8 Sarah Teesdale NOC W21 50:58 9 Peter Blackwell IND 51:03 10 Hannah Park NOC W10 54:59 Emma Bishton DVO W12 rtd Smith Family rtd n/c Andy Sykes NOC 19:33 n/c Alison O'Neil NOC W14 23:14 n/c Sarah O'Neil NOC W14 25:02
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Organiser's Comments A complete re-structuring of the event with only 3 weeks to go!

Sian's original courses all used the newly felled area. With the kind co-operation of Forest Enterprise, the whole event was relocated to the other side of the wood. I hope nobody using the old directions was too put out finding they had to drive back round the wood again.

Thanks to all the helpers everything went very smoothly.

The main part of this year's Mansfield and Ashfield 'O'Zone is now over. The club will be reviewing the impact the events have made, and considering how best to bring Orienteering to the public. Please eMail/call me if you have any points you would like to raise.

Ray Barnes 0115 974 6044

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Planner's Comments This was the first event I've planned on my own and I was grateful for the support, advice and encouragement I received from Hilary and my family.

The weather was kind to me as I put out the controls, but for competitors it made an additional challenge to their run. The rain only eased as I went to collect them in again! However, from the comments made most enjoyed their run, which I was pleased to hear.

The white and yellow winning times were rather shorter than predicted and perhaps the lengths could have been a little longer.

Hope you enjoyed the day as I did.

Sian Roberts

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Controller's Comments Thanks to you all for supporting the event despite the rain. You seemed to enjoy Sian's courses (it takes dedication to your sport to get up before dawn on your Birthday to put out the controls). Well done Sian and thanks to your family for their help.

As a coach, I was interested to hear your route choices taken on the Orange course where simple use of the compass and distance judgement were important. For beginners: the straight line joining controls shows the order they should be taken, not necessarily the route (depending on the dreaded brambles in our forests sadly!). Was the best way from 3 to 4 up, along and down, down along and up or straight? I favoured the second option because it gave a better 'attack point'. Come along to our club coaching session on Jan 22 to learn a few more 'tips'.

Hilary Palmer

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