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12 Sep 99Colwick Park
2 Oct 99Bestwood Country Park
3 Oct 99Bestwood Country Park
16 Oct 99Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
13 Nov 99Blidworth Woods
5 Dec 99Byron's Walk
11 Dec 99Haywood Oaks
19 Dec 99Berry Hill Park
30 Jan 00Blidworth Woods
1 Apr 00Sherwood Pines

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Rufford Country Park, Sat 27th Nov 1999

Planner's Comments
Controller's Comments

Length  1.7 km,  8 controls

  1   Chris Williamson + 1     LEI    M12  13:30
  2   Stephen Robinson         NOC    M14  18:15
  3   Stuart Thompson          FVO    M8   22:00
  4   Sue Hignett              NOC    W35  28:50
  5   Tucker & Fish            DVO         35:00
  6   Harwin Group             NOC         43:54
  7   A Orrell & P Meynell     IND    M21 108:00

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Medium Length 3.5 km, 11 controls 1 E Heritage DVO M40 32:47 2 Mark Thomson FVO M21 34:41 3 Sarah O'Neil NOC W14 51:22 4 Catherine Hughes NOC W21 51:29 5 Roger Wiliamson LEI M50 57:03 6 M Whittaker NOC M21 70:42 Dsq Ian Hodson DVO M21 68:35 m7 Dsq Alison Sleigh 84:00 w2 Ret M Harwin IND W21 Ret S Whittaker IND Ret Haslam IND
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Long Length 6.4 km, 17 controls 1 Stephen Wright NOC M18 38:48 2 Mike Napier NOC M45 45:14 3 Andy Sykes NOC M21 46:18 4 Jim Mallinson LEI M50 51:38 5 Jim Sutherland SYO M40 59:19 6 David Bray LEI M45 60:24 7 Ray Barnes NOC M45 66:44 8 M McShane SYO M40 68:01 9 Tony Donaldson NOC M21 71:40 10 Mike O'Neil NOC M40 98:20 11 N Brown IND M40 98:54
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Planner's Comments Rufford is at its best right now. There are only a few areas to be avoided because of unpleasant undergrowth, even for a night event. A lot of the fenced-off areas and rhododendrons which used to impede straight line running have also been removed, and we've gained access again to the old deer enclosure. Add the bonus of a brand new map, and it was a privilege to be able to plan here.

Of course, the golf course took a huge bite out of the old map, and it is now such a small area that we have the inevitable problem of the dreaded multi-map courses. Without e-punching, that also means 2nd/3rd master maps, or map exchanges, or manned controls. I'd be interested to know what people thought of my decision to go for the last option.

I hope you didn't mind the longish trek to and from the overflow car park, but that did enable me to plan courses which were hopefully a bit different in character from previous night events. To have used the North car park (by The Mill) yet again, simply because it's never locked, just didn't appeal.

We were threatened with gales, and rain, and until about 5 days beforehand, with an active wasps' nest right on the optimum routes on legs in the Medium and Long courses. You lucky lot!!

Many thanks to Andy Jones for being much more than a Controller, as usual.

Alan Beardsley

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Controller's Comments Thank goodness it stayed fine.

It was nice to see several new faces, some new to Orienteering of any sort, others regular daytime types having their first taste of the extra challenge that is offered at night. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their course and will have another go sometime.

Andy Jones

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