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Results for NOC Local Event, Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood, Sat 16th Oct 1999

Organisers' Comments
Planner's Comments
Controller's Comments


Length  1.1 km, 10m climb, 9 controls
1       Joshua Dziadosz IND     M8       7:30
2       Andrew Gaunt                     8:59
3       Steve Pollicott                  9:00
4       Cora Beeby                       9:02
5       Jaz Lovett                       9:17
6       Steve & Chris Phillips           9:51
7       Monique Elgenia         W6      11:25
8       Bertie TappScotting
                        NOC             12:11
9       Josie Park      NOC     W8      12:50
10      Katherine Elgenia               12:59
11      Fiona Claxton   NOC             13:45
12      Luke Townsend                   14:25
13      Deborah Roberts                 14:29
14      Gemma Tongue    WBS     W12     14:34
15      Ruth Bennett                    14:46
16      Katherine Crooks                15:11
17      Jason Bendell   BLS             20:43
------------ White standard -----------------

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Yellow Length 1.9km, 25m climb, 9 controls 1 Jonathan Brown NHS 12:39 2 Robert Sims WBS M12 13:11 3 Stuart Thomson FVO M8 13:43 4 Joshua Dziadosz IND M8 14:23 5 Katy Town WBS W12 17:20 6 Matthew WoodwardIND 17:46 7 David Little IND 17:54 8 Eddie Maile NHS 18:07 9 Laurence Turner NOC 18:20 10 Hannah Park NOC W10 19:18 11 Annabell Fox IND 19:55 12 K & M Elgenia 20:17 13 Emily Wood NOC 20:29 14 Jessica Fox IND 20:34 ------------ Yellow standard ---------------- 15 James GelsthorpeNHS M13 20:52 16 Korrine Gill WBS W12 22:48 17 Prem Vir Johal NHS 22:53 18 Katherine Crooks 22:55 19 Martin Holmes IND 23:25 20 Gregor Mathison NHS 24:04 21 Melanie SmollettWBS 24:16 22 Adam Bendell BLS 27:54 23 Paul King WBS 33:41 24 J Cresswell 34:06 25 Peter Bowen NHS 34:32 26 Craig Thomson FVO M5 38:12 27 Read IND 38:40 28 A Read IND 48:47
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Orange Length 2.7km, 30m climb, 9 controls 1 Thomas Billam NOC M14 19:56 2 Paul Teesdale-Spittle NOC M21 28:40 3 Stuart Thomson FVO M8 31:00 4 T Bridges NOC 32:56 5 Joshua Dziadosz IND M8 34:31 6 K & R Pickworth LOG M14 35:42 7 T Strickland & S Hempsall NOC/BLS M8 36:31 8 J Brown 38:11 9 Lauren Moors BLOG M11 39:07 10 Joseph Beeby FJS 39:54 11 S Bridges IND 42:52 12 R Elgenia IND 43:47 13 H Garton BLS 45:01 ----------- Orange standard ----------------- 14 Andrew Tongue NOC M14 47:06 15 A Barton BOG 47:39 16 James Best NOC M14 49:24 17 Pam Cutts IND 49:58 18 Peter Pittson NOC M12 50:36 19 John Gaunt IND 51:39 20 Oscar TappScotting NOC M12 52:10 21 Steve Pollicott WJS 57:28 22 Kerry-Leigh Cutts 62:07 23 Luke Townsend IND 63:39 dsq Katherine Crooks 64:47 w8 Jazz NOC M12 rtd
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Organisers' Comments We hope everyone enjoyed the orienteering experience at this small introductory event in Thieves Wood.

The event appeared to run well with no negative comments received. We witnessed much enthusiasm with no one becoming seriously lost in the forest! Or not admitting to it anyway ! And it was dry too !

Newcomers to the sport can often find the processes and tasks necessary before the start confusing. We hope the assistance on hand and Ray and Pauline's note eased this process.

On everyone's behalf we thank all the helpers who ensured the event ran smoothly .... without whose input the session would not have been possible.

Orienteering is a sport for all the family .... at its best when you run up to your personal physical and technical ability. We hope to see you again at future events.

Keith, Maria and Rhys Roberts

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Planner's Comments My objectives were to have a compact start / finish adjacent to registration, with three courses at the lower end of BOF guidelines in both length and difficulty. The demonstration course was merely to let you see what a couple of more technical controls might be like. Keith Streb and I decided to keep the courses as separate as possible so that a second (or third) run could be had without repetition. The Orange course became progressively more difficult, gradually adding a little route choice and more subtle control sites. Did anyone cut straight through from the gully end to the main track?

Thanks to Keith for the appropriate gentle nudging and especially for the site visit, which allowed me to armchair plan entirely. Thanks also to Stephen Wright for hanging the controls, and collecting them (with John and Keith), which allowed me to attend a controller's course on the same day!

Ray Barnes

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Controller's Comments I thought the event went very smoothly with the only small problem being the temporary disappearance of the 5th control on the White course (fortunately someone could only throw it 4 meters!). A few competitors did have a problem with this but as the next control was visible from this point everyone coped well and Stephen replaced it very quickly.

If you did not find it, don't worry your time will still be counted! I hope you enjoyed your runs, I thought Ray's courses were excellent given the linear path network and took you all through some unexpected and exciting terrain (well it's exciting when you are not a jaded old orienteer like myself).

An especial thank you to Keith, Maria and Rhys who left nothing to chance and judging by the contents of the car nothing in the NOC garage as well! in fact if Sian hadn't been running for Wales today she would have had to travel to Thieves on the roof rack.

Well done to all of you who helped today.

And don't forget the next O-Zone event is on 13th Nov at Blidworth See you there!

Keith Streb

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