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25 Jun 98Bestwood Country Park
2 Jul 98Walesby Forest
9 Jul 98Morton Hall
3 Oct 98Strawberry Hill & Ransom Wood
4 Oct 98Strawberry Hill & Ransom Wood
29 Nov 98Bestwood Country Park
27 Dec 98Wollaton Park
13 Feb 99Sherwood Pines
14 Feb 99Sherwood Forest
11 Apr 99Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Bestwood Country Park, Sat 28th Nov 1998

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           Length 1.6km,  35m, 12 controls
	1  Rosie Hodkinson  W12	NOC	21.30
	2  Peter Hodkinson  M10	NOC	22.49
	3  J & K Beverley   W14	NOC	45.00

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Medium Length 3.6km, 180m, 18 controls 1 Eric Heritage M35 LEI 47.21 2 Ann-Marie Priston W21 DVO 59.15 3 Nick James M14 NOC 61.10 4 Hilary HodkinsonW40 NOC 62.22 5 Tony Donaldson M21 NOC 66.35 6 T Bagguley M14 NOC 74.38 7 C & U WilliamsonM12/W35 LEI 76.25 8 Paul Beverley & Anthony Wood M45/11 NOC 87.05 Steve Hodkinson M45 NOC dsq m11
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Long Length 5.0km, 255m, 21 controls 1 John Duckworth M21 DVO 50.20 2 Ray Barnes M45 NOC 57.22 3 Andy Sykes M21 NOC 58.23 4 Dai Bedwell M21 LEI 62.49 5 Steven Davidson M35 LEI rtd 6 Roger WilliamsonM50 LEI rtd
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Planner's Comments --none--

Chris Hodkinson

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Controller's Comments I may be biased and I obviously did have a small amount of input but I thought Chris planned three excellent courses last night with a lot of his experience and knowledge going into most of the legs. Once he gets over the peril of being so laid back he should make an excellent planner, but for those of you that know me "who am I to speak".

It seems a shame that this section of Orienteering is viewed as being for the slightly insane, with a slight frost and a bright moon as last night you may never want to go back to that mundane day course again! (better still go to both). Anyway for those of you who attended the day event and wished the area could be a little more challenging there is always the chance to run on NOC's best night area next year. I'll see you there then.

Keith Streb

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