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20 Oct 96Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
16 Nov 96Walesby Forest
17 Nov 96Walesby Forest
1 Dec 96Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
27 Dec 96Rufford Country Park
19 Jan 97Sherwood Pines
20 Apr 97Blidworth Woods
15 May 97Burntstump Country Park
17 May 97Clumber Park
22 May 97Morton Hall

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Sherwood Pines, Sat 18th Jan 1997

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	   Length 3.1km, 8 controls

	1  Michelle Mackervoy   DVO	W21	48:39
	2  Dean Robinson 	LEI	M40	50:10
	3  Stephen Bones 	LOG	M18	52:53
	4  Robert Parkinson	NOC	M40	67.51
	5  Karen Bedwell	LEI	W21	98:29
	   Deborah Eden		LOG	W21	 rtd

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Medium Length 4.7km, 11 controls 1 Eric Heritage LEI M35 50:51 2 Peter Forester NOC M20 56:52 3 Andrew Mackervoy DVO M21 69:58 4 D & H Hodkinson NOC M14/W40 84:29 5 Christina Wright DVO W35 84:55 6 Ian Durrant LOG M55 102:53 7 John Williams IND M35 108:51 Jim Clarke NOC M40 rtd
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Long Length 5.7km, 14 controls 1 A Footitt NOC M18 43:28 2 Andy Sykes NOC M21 47:19 3 Mick Lucking NOC M40 49:40 4 Dai Bedwell LEI M21 51:16 5 Christopher HodkinsonNOC M16 54:20 6 Nicholas Evans NOC M35 54:24 7 S Davidson LEI M35 55:59 8 Brian Shaw SYO M55 56:54 9 Keith Streb NOC M40 60:54 10 S Wright NOC M16 69:22 11 Ray Barnes NOC M40 95:23 dsq Paul Beverley NOC M40 81:29 wrong 4 dsq John Dalton NOC M50 88:44 wrong 4 Ann-Marie Priston DVO W21 rtd
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Organiser's Comments none

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Planner's Comments The courses were planned with the intention of being safe and fast but enticing competitors to run through the forest rather than round the paths. In particular I wanted those intending to compete at the British Night Championships at Sheringham to take the opportunity to run straight through similar terrain.

I hope you all enjoyed your runs on such a good night for January.

Bert Bradshaw

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