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Results for NOC Local Night Event, Manton Wood and Kidney Clump, Sat 13th Jan 2007

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Controller's Comments


2.5km 40m 10c

 1  Elizabeth Parkinson       W14  NOC  21:30
 2  Matthew Wetton            M14  NOC  24:13
 3  Chris Brenchley           M12  NOC  30:00
 4  Alex Crow                 M12  NOC  30:50
 5  Kieran Huggan             M12? NOC  31:13
 6  Tom Oates                 M11  NOC  31:30
 7  William & Helen Parkinson M10  NOC  33:10

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Medium 4.5km 75m 16c 1 Andrew Llewellyn M20 NOC 30:55 2 Richard Robinson M21 NOC 52:07 3 Eddie Nicholson M50 NOC 55:42 4 David Vincent M40 DVO 59:44 5= Monica Cooper W60 SYO 70:20 5= Richard Llewellyn M50 NOC 70:20 7 Robert Parkinson M50 NOC 72:10 8 Ceri James M55 IND 97:00 Back to ContentS

Long 6km 125m 20c 1 Nigel Mockridge M45 NOC 51:37 2 Stephen Martin M45 SYO 57:00 3 Connor Barry M21 CORKO 67:30 4 Tim Martin M16 SYO 70:25 5 Ian Cooper M60 SYO 72:55 6 Kieran Rocks M21 LVO 74:30 7 Catherine Hughes W35 NOC 75:20 8 Lucy Wiegand W35 SYO 76:20 9 Neil Harvatt M50 HALO 77:20 10 Rachel Davis W40 DVO 82:05 11 Tim Cairns M40 NOC 130:38 Back to Contents

Planner's Comments Thanks to all the competitors for making the journey and taking part on the night. Thanks to Jim for his advice as Controller and help on the night and also to Catherine for helping to collect the controls.

Manton Pit Woods (the northern bit for those of you that went there) is an immature area - reclaimed colliery tip - but still has enough interest and challenge for a night event when the weather is a bit wild. As the woods mature over the coming years and the fences (hopefully) come down the area should become quite entertaining.

I had a chance to dwell on this thought while trudging (with a bag full of T-bars and kites) up to the top of the hill into the teeth of the wind at about 10pm at the end of my control collecting: It's good to have the place to yourself but it will be even better when I'm back in the car!


Tony Donaldson

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Jim Clarke

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