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16 Mar 08Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
25 May 08Rushcliffe Country Park
1 Jun 08Silverhill Wood
15 Jun 08Wollaton Park
5 Jul 08Sutton Lawn
13 Jul 08Ollerton Pit Wood
20 Jul 08Oxclose Wood
10 Aug 08Colwick Park
17 Aug 08Bevercotes Pit Wood
21 Sep 08Brierley Country Park

Results for NOC Local Event, Rufford Country Park, Sun 6th Jul 2008

Planner's Comments

  1  Sam Elliott & David Mafullul          M10   BLS    7:57
  2= Joseph Warren-Barrett & Aaron Whetton M10   BLS   10:38
  2= Isobel Johnson & Lucy Martin          W10   BLS   10:38
  4  Jamie Lowthian                        M10   NOC   11:47

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Yellow 1 Sam Carter M12 SYO 22:15 2 Tom & Charlotte Webster M10 NOC 48:15 n/c Jamie Lowthian M10 NOC 42:45 Brydie & Gareth rtd Back to Contents

Orange 1 Steve Carter M45 SYO 31:14 2 Max Elliott M12 NOC 37:42 3 W Freeman IND 40:33 4 William Parkinson M12 NOC 42:14 5 Christine Elliott W50 NOC 43:10 6 Julie Webster W40 NOC 60:55 7 Jack Lord M12 NOC 61:27 8 Henry Longstaff M12 NOC 63:44 Simon Elliott M50 NOC 25:05 m5 Nick Malbon M12 NOC rtd Back to Contents

Technical 1 Peter Hodkinson M18 NOC 31:24 2 Mick Lucking M50 NOC 38:06 3 Sarah O'Neil W21 NOC 39:50 4 M Capper M50 NOC 43:55 5 Elizabeth Parkinson W16 NOC 48:10 6 David Olivant M60 NOC 50:40 7 Ian Wells M55 LEI 53:12 8 Michael Lord M45 NOC 54:40 9 Dave Skidmore M60 DVO 58:28 10 Richard Beadle M40 NOC 58:45 11 Mark Webster M40 NOC 60:55 12 Keith Streb M55 NOC 63:41 13 Helen Parkinson W40 NOC 64:00 14 Samuel Horsewill M16 NOC 64:50 15 Helen O'Neil W50 NOC 67:20 16 Philip Emery M35 NOC 71:02 17 Chris Horsewill W45 NOC 77:20 18 Steve Emery M45 NOC 77:32 19 Ruth Ellis W55 DVO 89:25 Ben Lord M14 NOC 67:50 m20-24 Jordan Webster M14 NOC 95:40 m21 Joe Elliott M14 NOC rtd Back to Contents

Planner's Comments

Firstly some thanks are due to Simon Elliott for printing the maps, Tony & Margaret Buckland, Catherine Hughes & Mick Lucking for their help on the day. Also to Mick, Michael Lord & Peter Hodkinson for collecting in all the controls at the end of the event. Also to anyone who said thanks and that they had enjoyed the courses. A pat on the back is always appreciated as planning these events takes plenty of time & effort. Rufford is a more challenging area than a cursory glance at the map might suggest. The density of vegetation, multiplicity of small and indistict paths and general lack of contours removes a few of the 'handrails' we might otherwise use to navigate. Having put together a reasonably challenging orange course, the technical loop was designed to encourage competitors to run straight and had plenty of changes in direction to maintain interest.

Tony Donaldson

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