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5 Jul 09Shirebrook Wood
19 Jul 09Brierley Country Park
26 Jul 09Wollaton Park
16 Aug 09Holme Pierrepont
19 Sep 09Burntstump Country Park
1 Nov 09Byron's Walk
20 Dec 09Walesby Forest
16 Jan 10Rufford Country Park
17 Jan 10Rufford Country Park
20 Feb 10Silverhill Wood

Results for NOC District Event, Harlow Wood, 04/10/2009

Sunday 5.30pm final results uploaded, and Splitsbrowser and Winsplits links added.
Sunday 2pm provisional results uploaded.

If you visit (and punch at) the finish more than once, the time of your last visit is recorded. By visit, I mean you go away and come back again at least 15 seconds later: multiple punches at the same box within 15 seconds counts as a single visit. Colin Smith (3rd on Brown) visited the finish 90 seconds earlier than the results indicate.

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