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1 Feb 09Clumber Park
1 Mar 09Annesley - Park Forest and Morning Springs
29 Mar 09Sherwood Pines
9 May 09The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
31 May 09Rushcliffe Country Park
21 Jun 09Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
5 Jul 09Shirebrook Wood
19 Jul 09Brierley Country Park
26 Jul 09Wollaton Park
16 Aug 09Holme Pierrepont

Results for NOC Local Event, Silverhill, Sun 7th Jun 2009

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  1 Conor Jones & Alex Firth    Ranby House M10  8:54

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Yellow 1 Conor Jones & Alex Firth Ranby House M10 18:11 2 Jamie Lowthian NOC M8 22:42 Back to Contents

Orange 1 N. Malbone NOC M14 27:14 2 Tom Webster NOC M12 33:53 Back to Contents

Technical The technical was a Green course. 1 Elizabeth Parkinson NOC W16 42:33 2 Neil Fraser NOC M45 52:52 3 Mark Webster NOC M40 55:08 4 Keith Lowthian NOC M40 57:49 5 Will Parkinson NOC M14 62:55 6 A. Brakewell NOC M60 67:59 Jordan Webster NOC M14 rtd (soggy map) Back to Contents

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Alan Beardsley

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Pauline Olivant

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