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16 Aug 09Holme Pierrepont
19 Sep 09Burntstump Country Park
4 Oct 09Harlow Wood
1 Nov 09Byron's Walk
20 Dec 09Walesby Forest
17 Jan 10Rufford Country Park
20 Feb 10Silverhill Wood
7 Mar 10Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
27 Mar 10Brierley Country Park
11 Apr 10Nottingham City

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Rufford Country Park, Sat 16th Jan 2010

Planner's Comments

Due to inability to read the SI dibbers, these results
are just a list of the time difference between
start control and finish control.


Jess Beresford                          DVO      16:45
Euan Tebbutt                            LEI      19:43
Julie, Tom, Charlotte Webster           NOC      29:04
Theo Severn                             NOC      34:53
Simon & Sam Davis                       DVO      37:10

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Medium Robert Parkinson NOC 29:11 Jordan Webster NOC 30:45 Amy Kimberley DVO 30:50 William Parkinson NOC 31:44 Mark Webster NOC 34:31 Amy Parkinson NOC 37:47 Catherine Hughes NOC 38:34 Lynn Langelnand Ind 40:44 Helen Parkinson NOC 43:12 Rachel Davis DVO 49:24 Bob, Lloyd, Joe Stash Ind 59:27 Gary & James Peet NOC 60:27 Rowan Langton & Steve Chamberlain Ind not in start control Back to Contents

Long Richard Robinson NOC 46:18 (ad-hoc course similar to Long) Peter Helme BAOC 48:30 Paul Beresford DVO 49:25 Andy Furnell LOG 49:39 Steve Kimberley DVO 56:54 Ben Beresford DVO 57:51 Nick Malbon NOC 58:31 Ian Tebbutt LEI 60:51 Mark Spendlove DVO 67:43 Ray Barnes NOC 76:40 Andrew Stewart NOC 77:35 Kieran Huggan 87:03 Martin Sleath ind 88:54 Russel Buxton DVO 99:33 Kim Buxton DVO 108:31 Keith Streb NOC not in finish control Peter Ferguson Ind not in finish control Back to Contents

Organiser and Planner's Comments

Good to see so many people out at Rufford for the event.

Apologies for the shortage of maps and the dodgy location of control code 117 (not sure whether the tape was correct or the control was. Either way the two should have been in the same place - my only excuse was that I couldn't find the tape in the gloom when I was setting out.)

Thank you to the people who made positive comments and enjoyed their runs.

Doing these events more or less single-handed is very time consuming so the words "thanks I enjoyed that" helps a lot.

Thanks to Simon Elliott for printing the maps and to my controller, Alan Beardsley, for his advice and help.

Tony Donaldson

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