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28 Jan 07Sherwood Pines
11 Mar 07Harlow Wood
19 May 07Wollaton Park
3 Jun 07Rushcliffe Country Park
10 Jun 07Holme Pierrepont
8 Jul 07Brierley Country Park
15 Jul 07Rufford Country Park
22 Jul 07Silverhill Wood
12 Aug 07Oxclose Wood
23 Sep 07Burntstump Country Park

Results for Little John Relays, Bramcote, 01/07/2007

Result uploaded at 3.30pm on Sunday: added course times 6.30pm Monday

One watch was handed into the organiser () : if you can identify the make and type the organiser will return it.

Colour coded results
Organiser's comments

Relay Courses
L Long A, B, C, D, E, F
S Short A, B, C, D

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