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11 Sep 11Bestwood Country Park
1 Oct 11Brierley Country Park
23 Oct 11Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
13 Nov 11Byron's Walk
17 Dec 11Walesby Forest
8 Jan 12Bevercotes Pit Wood
22 Jan 12Blidworth Woods
4 Feb 12Trent University - Clifton Campus
11 Feb 12Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
12 Feb 12Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood

Results for NOC EMOA League Event, Walesby Forest, 18/12/2011

For those that kindly surrendered their maps to be recycled, you may download a copy of your course map:
Green course and Light Green course. See also controller's comments

string course
course results
course splits
fastest splits
Winsplits Online
downloadable file of splits in SPORTIdent CSV file format standard splits CSV Suitable for import into WinSplits, RouteGadget, ...

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