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9 Jul 05Rushcliffe Country Park
17 Jul 05The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
21 Aug 05Vicar Water Country Park
18 Sep 05Blidworth Woods
30 Oct 05Harlow Wood
18 Dec 05Walesby Forest
22 Jan 06Clumber Park
18 Mar 06Haywood Oaks
19 Mar 06Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
20 May 06Bulwell Hall Park

Yvette Baker Trophy Final and NOC District Event, Sherwood Pines, 4th Dec 2005

Sunday 11pm YBT results updated: two Green competitors missed off
Sunday 7.15pm missing names added; Winsplits and Splits browser added
Sunday 3.30pm provisional results uploaded.

For Colour coded courses select results or splits
For YBT select Yvette Baker Trophy
For string course select string
For comments select comments
For fastest splits select fastest splits
For Winsplits On-line select Winsplits
For Splits Browser select graph

2nd Team scores: Judy Bridge of SO has pointed out that the SO 2nd Team should score 742 points instead of the 738 given. If Lucy Thraves (89 points on Yellow) is selected as the last counter on their first team instead of Clare Howes (89 points on Green) then Andrew Russell (76 points on Yellow) can count for the second team instead of Chris Lambert (72 points on Orange). Thereby, SO's 2nd team has beaten HOC's 2nd team.

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