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18 Dec 11Walesby Forest
8 Jan 12Bevercotes Pit Wood
22 Jan 12Blidworth Woods
4 Feb 12Trent University - Clifton Campus
11 Feb 12Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
3 Mar 12Haywood Oaks
18 Mar 12Holme Pierrepont
22 Apr 12Thoresby North and West
13 May 12Burntstump Country Park
1 Jul 12Rufford Country Park

Results for NOC District Event, Thieves Wood, 12/02/2012

SKY Sports News were filming today's event. It is likely to appear sometime between about 6pm this evening and noon on Monday. When it is broadcast, it will appear every hour for several hours. If you have the facility to do so, you are likely to catch the broadcast by recording three one hour long sessions at 7pm, midnight and 7am.

Run in splits. There were two last controls neither of which have had their clocks sychronised since early January. This will explain any apparent differences in run in times. The two Finish boxes were synchronised (along with the start boxes) after last night's night event. I've just been able to confiram (at 5.25pm) that one of the last controls (code 42) is 2s ahead of the Finish boxes and the other (code 66) is 22s behind. To see who punched at which last control please look at Excel last control

String Course Results

Max Straube       M3  OD  16.50
Tom Webster       M16 NOC  2.31
Charlotte Webster W14 NOC  3.00
Hannah Mather     W5  LOG  6.30
Ben Mather        M8  LOG  3.16
Finley Lowthian   M5  NOC 11.00
Jamie Lowthian    M10 NOC  3.30

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