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5 Jan 14Shirebrook Wood
26 Jan 14Vicar Water Country Park
1 Feb 14Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
2 Feb 14Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
8 Feb 14Trent University - Clifton Campus
8 Mar 14Boundary and Tippings Woods
23 Apr 14Boughton Brake
17 May 14Langold Country Park
18 May 14Newark
1 Jun 14Oxclose Wood
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Splits for course BR

Results for Class M35L
Length 10.7km, 145m climb, 26 controls (course BR)

  1  James Williams           EPOC    75:45   7.1 m/km
  2  Martin Pigott            POTOC   89:03   8.3
  3  Lee Beavers              AIRE    92:29   8.6

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