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12 Mar 05Bulwell Hall Park
13 Mar 05Bestwood Country Park
23 Apr 05Blidworth Woods
1 May 05Colwick Park
15 May 05Burntstump Country Park
19 Jun 05Haywood Oaks
2 Jul 05The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
3 Jul 05Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
9 Jul 05Rushcliffe Country Park
17 Jul 05The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park

Results for NOC Local Event, Colwick Woods, Sat 11th Jun 2005

Organiser/Planner's Comments
  1.3km 50m

  1 Stephanie Garfield                      10:47

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Yellow 1.6km 70m 1 Stephanie Garfield 26:28 2 Kath and Heather Williams, Aaron Turner 64:24 Back to Contents
Orange 2.5km 100m 1 Samuel Horsewill 39:02 Back to Contents
Technical Part 1 3.3km 160m Part 2 3.1km 120m score 1 Steve Watkins AIRE 57:30 2 Richard Beadle 81:57 3 Eddie Nicholson 91:00 (56:00 + 35 mins penalties) 4 Alex Watkins AIRE 102:00 (67:00 + 35 mins penalties) 5 Chris Horsewill 105:00 (70:00 + 35 mins penalties) Pauline Olivant rtd Back to Contents
Organiser/Planner's Comments It was good to see some new faces. Look forward to seeing more of you at other events shortly.

Thanks to Kevin for the cheerful assistance despite the disappointing turnout.

Ray Barnes

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