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Results for NOC Winter League Event, Bestwood, 04/01/2015

Comments: Planner .
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It must be every Planner's dream to be blessed with a beautiful sunny crisp day like yesterday! After all the work in preparation for the event and worrying whether the snow would have gone in time this was a real bonus.

The recent snow and frosts had knocked down the brambles and hardened up the previously very slippery paths to produce some excellent running conditions. I hope you enjoyed seeing Bestwood at it's very best, particularly the areas of beech woods which were truly beautiful.

Judging by the many positive comments afterwards, you seemed to have enjoyed the challenges that I had set, and I was pleased to see whilst collecting the controls that many of you must have taken the direct routes (as I had hoped) rather than going round the paths. Thank you to all for your feedback, it really makes it all worthwhile.

The brambles have spread relentlessly in some parts and have restricted the 'good bits' but it was still possible to devise some courses which, as confirmed by your comments, tested your concentration and navigational skills - even for those who have been there many times previously - and for those who have mapped the area!

I'd like to thank Keith, Ash, and Abby for helping to put out the controls and especially Tony, Chris, Samuel, and Hannah for their help and patience whilst coping with the long periods in the cold on registration, download, Start, and Finish.

Just two problems yesterday. We ran out of maps on Long and Short Technical courses and so had to wait a short while until people returned so that we could recycle maps. Please accept my apologies for keeping you waiting in the cold. Given the variability of our weather it's always difficult to decide how many maps to print so we don't have too few or too many.

If anyone who handed in their map wants another printed copy or a pdf version, please let Michael Napier know.

We also had two SI controls/stakes/kites stolen, but fortunately it was after the event had finished. I'll be going back today to see if I can find them!

Dave Cooke

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