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12 Oct 14Byron's Walk
8 Nov 14Colwick Park
15 Nov 14Rushcliffe Country Park
21 Dec 14Walesby Forest
4 Jan 15Bestwood Country Park
25 Jan 15Bulwell Hall Park
8 Feb 15Silverhill Wood
22 Feb 15Harlow Wood
4 May 15Nottingham City
5 Jul 15The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park

Results for NOC Night Event, Burntstump Country Park, 24/01/2015

course results
course splits

Please note that penalties have been applied in accordance with the rules defined for this event. The rules were (1) all controls are worth 10 points; (2) 30 points deducted for controls taken out of sequence, wrong or missed; and (3) 20 points deducted for every part or full minute over time.

Queries to the organiser by e-mail please - Keith Streb (

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