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17 Jul 16Nottingham City
23 Jul 16Rushcliffe Country Park
17 Sep 16Colwick Park
16 Oct 16Brierley Country Park
4 Dec 16Byron's Walk
8 Jan 17The Dukeries
12 Feb 17Harlow Wood
5 Mar 17Silverhill Wood
1 Apr 17Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
29 Apr 17Wollaton Park

Results for NOC EM League, Walesby, 18/12/2016

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5pm Sunday results uploaded and links to Winsplits and Splitsbrowser added.
6.30pm Sunday added PDF of chase results in finish time order.
9am Tuesday Green course results and splits updated for correction in Trevor Simpson's start time. Splitsbrowser event now 9403.

Lost & Found. Some money was found: if you think it might be yours please email Michael Napier.

course results
chase results in finish time order
course splits
fastest splits
Winsplits Online
Splitsbrowser (graph)
Splitsbrowser (VB)
downloadable file of splits in SPORTIdent file format CSV (comma separated) or TXT (semi-colon separated) . Suitable for import into WinSplits, RouteGadget, ...

Any queries to Michael Napier e-mail

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