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8 May 16Southwell Urban
19 Jun 16Oxclose Wood
3 Jul 16Burntstump Country Park
17 Jul 16Nottingham City
23 Jul 16Rushcliffe Country Park
16 Oct 16Brierley Country Park
4 Dec 16Byron's Walk
18 Dec 16Walesby Forest
8 Jan 17The Dukeries
12 Feb 17Harlow Wood

Results for NOC Autumn Series, Colwick Park, 17/09/2016

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event.

Apologies to those of you who lost time at control 58 on the score course. One of the event volunteers was distracted by a different fence corner and the control was put out a short distance west of the intended position. As not everyone found the kite the value of control 58 has been reduced to zero points in the results and the maximum score is therefore 270 points. Well done to the three competitors who achieved the maximum score.

course results
course splits

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