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Results for NOC Local Night Event, Bulwell Hall Park, Sat 12th Mar 2005

Planner's Comments
Controller's Comments


 2.1km  10 controls

 1  Sarah Richardson  W21   NOC 24:45

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Medium 3.8 km 16 controls 1 Tim Martin M14 NOC 33:15 2 Ian Parfitt M55 DVO 90:30 Kevin Parker M45 NOC rtd Back to Contents

Long 6.7km 23 controls 1 Stephen Martin M40 NOC 53:40 2 Robert Smith M40 DVO 56:00 3 James Block M21? Ind 74:06 Back to Contents

Planner's Comments Firstly - many thanks to Tony and Margaret Buckland for agreeing to control the event and for their assistance on the night.

Bulwell can never be considered a technical area although the wide open spaces do give plenty of opportunity for either complacency or accurate compass and pacing depending on your point of view. The medium and long courses were designed for plenty of changes in direction, leg length and difficulty and seemed to provide some challenge on the night.

Disappointment with the poor turnout was tempered by the positive comments from the few who decided to make the effort and support the event. It does seem strange that we have a total membership in the EMOA region of 500+ but a night event can only attract 7 people (and only 4 of these being members of NOC).

Final planning comment - it's the first time I've used OCAD to assist with the course planning - superb tool and makes editing the courses (and the map) a doddle.

Tony Donaldson

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Tony Buckland

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