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4 Dec 16Byron's Walk
18 Dec 16Walesby Forest
8 Jan 17The Dukeries
12 Feb 17Harlow Wood
5 Mar 17Silverhill Wood
29 Apr 17Wollaton Park
13 May 17The University of Nottingham and Highfields Park
27 May 17Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
10 Jun 17Wollaton Park
17 Jun 17The Meadows

Results for NOC Explore The Parks 1, Bramcote Hills Park, 01/04/2017

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A great afternoon at Bramcote Hills, let me know if any names need changing as I've had to type most of them in and sometimes I've had to decipher the handwriting. Also the sheets used to add the results didn't have ages or clubs on them, so unless you brought your own dibber, you are either 21 for an adult or 16 for a junior! Any problems then just let me know on the e-mail address below.

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