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4 Jul 04Colwick Park
19 Sep 04Holme Pierrepont
25 Sep 04Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
3 Oct 04Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
23 Oct 04Rufford Country Park
20 Nov 04Sherwood Pines
21 Nov 04Harlow Wood
19 Dec 04Sherwood Forest
9 Jan 05Byron's Walk
13 Feb 05Blidworth Woods

Results for NOC Local Event, Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood, Sat 6th Nov 2004

Organiser/Planner's Comments

 1  Joe Elliott           NOC        M10    11:56
 2  Dominic & Mason       S Street   M10    12:15
 3  Ellie & Lucy          S Street   W10    12:43
 4  Laura Aiton           Highfields W10    16:09
 5  Josh & Kathryn        S Street   M/W10  16:58
 6  Mathilda Pynegar      NGHS       W10    22:55
 7  Sarah & Michaela      S Street   W10    23:44
 8  Claudia Smith         NOC        W10    24:02
 9  Joseph Cholerton      NOC        M4     24:10
10  Michael Wayles        DESU       M10    44:00
    -----------  White standard  ----------------

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Yellow 2.3km 1 Joe & Max Elliott NOC M10 25:38 2 Bethan & Amy Griffiths W14/10 30:22 ----------- Yellow standard --------------- 3 Henry Pynegar NHS 39:27 Mathilda Pynegar dsq m3 Back to Contents
Orange 3.0km 1 John Woodall NOC M65 31:59 2 Liz Cuckson SYO 36:07 3 Alistair Robinson WBS 37:05 4 Christine Elliott NOC W45 38:05 5 Ian Griffiths M55 38:07 6 Francis O'Brien CROC M60 38:48 7 Ted Pynegar NHS M14 47:30 ------------- Orange standard ------------- 8 Nik Lawcock 58:15 9 Teresa & Fiona 89:23 Back to Contents
Organiser/Planner's Comments Many thanks to my helpers from our Junior Squad, Rose and Andrew. They helped me to put out and collect the controls and also acted as 'coaches' to some of the young people. 10 days ago I thought that I would have to re-plan the courses as some of the paths were blocked by the logging operations but when I ran round yesterday the machinery had gone and the paths were open again - if a bit muddy!

Thank you for supporting these low-key events, which seem to have been popular. I have enjoyed planning them and meeting you all. Watch the web site for more dates next year.

Hilary Palmer

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