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4 Jul 04Colwick Park
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Results for NOC Local Event, Holme Pierrepont, Sun 19th Sep 2004

Organiser/Planner's Comments

 1  Ted Pynegar                M14        5:57
 2  Dan Mehigan                M11  NHS   6:16
 3  Victoria Littlewood        W10  NOC   6:27
 4  William Parkinson          M8   NOC   7:28
 5  Henry Pynegar              M12        7:58
 6  Edward Reckless            M11        8:04
 7  Luke Turnbull              M10        8:30
 8= A Hill                                8:50
 8= M.H.                                  8:50
10  Joe Elliott                M10  NOC   9:14
11  Ben Winfield                          9:25
12  F.J. Littlewood            W5   NOC  10:08
13  Matthew Drew               M10  NOC  10:17
14  Oliver Williams            M10  NOC  10:27
15  M. Ansell                  M12  BLS  11:40
16  Isobel Goodwin             W5   NOC  11:59
17= Alice Colquhoun            W7        12:29
17= Liam Colquhoun             M4        12:29
19  Eoin Townsend               15  IND  13:02
20  Katie Leeman               W12  IND  13:11
21  Mathilda Pynegar           W8        14:12
22  Joseph Cholerton           M4   NOC  15:48
23  Freya Giles                W4   IND  17:12
24  J Kalisiak                           24:06
25  Jon Kalisiak                         24:17
26  Michael Wayles             M10  DESU 26:02
    --------  White standard  ----------------

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Yellow 1.5km 1 Victoria Littlewood W10 NOC 11:17 2 Ellie & Oliver Williams W14/M10 NOC 12:43 3 Marcus Ansell M11 BLS 13:20 4 Tom Lashley M12 14:39 5= Ted Pynegar M14 16:00 5= Henry Pynegar M12 16:00 7= Tamber 11 NHS 16:48 7= Sam James 11 16:48 9= Joe Elliott M10 NOC 17:32 9= David Jones M14 17:42 11 Reckless M11 18:30 --------- Yellow standard -------------- 12 Adele Goodwin NOC 20:42 13 Hannah Horsewill W10 NOC 21:20 14= Andrew Hill M12 NHS 21:37 14= Max Horsaman M12 NHS 21:37 16 Eoin Townsend 15 IND 22.26 17 Daniel Mehigan 11 NHS 23:16 18 Katie Leeman W12 IND 25:43 19 Walsh Family 28:44 20 Lizzie Walsh Junior 29:44 21 M. Pynegar W8 31:28 22 Johnson Clan 47:42 Back to Contents
Orange 2.9km 1 Richard Llewellyn M50 NOC 25:13 2 E. Parkinson 28:04 3 J.Woodall M65 NOC 28:33 4 Euan Mcormack M12 NOC 31:04 5 Robert Drew M16 NOC 31:20 6 C.Elliott W45 NOC 31:27 7 Andrew & Edward Carstairs 31:59 8 Josh T & Alex R M12 NOC 32:27 9 Helen O'Neil W45 NOC 36:41 10 Sue Drew W45 NOC 37:05 11 Harry Mockridge M9 NOC 37:22 ----------- Orange standard ------------ 12 Nigel Mockridge M40 NOC 38:22 13 Ryan & Laurence Hyde 42:38 14 Winnie, Stella +2 NOC 51:06 15 Katie Taylor W14 NOC 53:42 16 Alice Colquhoun W7 58:57 17 Yvonne, Fiona, Teresa W30 70:30 Ellie Williams W14 NOC Incorrect Last Control (53:50) Samuel Horsewill M12 NOC Incorrect Last Control (32:50) Tom Haynes M12 Retired Back to Contents
Organiser/Planner's Comments My first time planning (and organising) - nothing's ever as simple as it first appears is it?

Lesson learned for the next person to plan an event at Holme Pierrepont - find out what other events they have on your date before you plan your courses! Had an interesting couple of months planning/re-planning and making frantic phonecalls whilst trying to establish whether it was possible to eke out 3 courses from the area available. Fortunately, Skylarks gave us 11th hour permission to use the previously out-of-bounds Nature Reserve area - which actually proved to have more interesting features than the original area I'd planned to use. Holme Pierrepont also helped proceedings by opening up the gate and enabling us to having parking, start and finish within the same area.

We had a great turnout - more people actually ran around the courses than the results table shows & we had some positive feedback at the finish. There were several new-orienteers who came out to have a go on a sunny (and blustery) day by the water - if you enjoyed it, please check out the Fixtures page to choose your next event.

An Oscar-Award-Ceremony-Speech list of thanks to give (and l know I'll miss someone very important out). First of all - to Catherine Hughes for very kindly volunteering my name as a potential 'planner' after I'd made a casual comment about the role! Fortunately, Catherine took pity on me and very ably steered & assisted me through the whole process. Thanks also to David Olivant who made several last-minute amendments to the map to accommodate my courses in the newly 'in-bounds' area. Behind the scenes, Dave Cooke, Ray Barnes, Mick and Angela Lucking deserve a mention for their part in keeping the event alive. The smooth operation on the day was entirely due to the very willing and capable volunteers who turned out to run the start/registration/finish/parking/signs/control round-up and result checking - Many thanks to Paul Scotting, Oscar Tapp Scotting, Simon Young, Matthew Richardson, Garry Drew, Sue Drew, Hilary Palmer, Pauline Olivant, Jim Clarke and Helen O'Neil.

It was a lot of work - and it certainly made me appreciate the effort that goes into putting events on (large and small)- but thanks to everyone's help I had a great day.

Sarah Richardson

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I wonder what's going on over there
OK I think I understand that !
He looks as though he knows what to do
We'll give it a go
I'll beat you Dad
We made it
Pictures by Sarah Richardson