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8 Jul 03Haywood Oaks
13 Jul 03Rufford Country Park
21 Sep 03Sherwood Pines
5 Oct 03Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
25 Oct 03Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
21 Dec 03Bestwood Country Park
10 Jan 04Blidworth Woods
11 Jan 04Budby
21 Feb 04Haywood Oaks
29 Feb 04Sherwood Pines

Results for NOC District Event, Byron's Walk, 26/10/2003

Friday published results document added.
Wednesday added Planner's and Controller's comments.
8pm added Organiser's comments.
6pm to 7pm made minor adjustments on Green, Blue and Brown for wrong dibber numbers and added string course results and WinSplits download file.
Sunday 4pm results posted.

For colour coded courses select results or splits
For string course select string course.
For comments select comments
SPORTIdent CSV file of splits, suitable for import into WinSplits
Word document of published results (zip archive) (76kb)

Any queries, errors, or omissions should in the first instance be addressed to Michael Napier

Results software provided by Michael Napier,