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Results for NOC Local Night Event, Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood, Sat 25th Oct 2003


Planner/Organiser's Comments


2.4k    40m climb    10 controls

 1  Monica Cooper           W55    SYO    26.20
 2  Sam Duke / James Taylor M12    NOC    29.13
 3  E + R Parkinson         W10?   NOC    37.22
 4  Steve Hunt              M45?   DVO    83.14
    David Vincent           M40?   DVO     Rtd
    Samantha Vincent        W11    DVO     Rtd

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Medium 4.2k 55m climb 14 controls 1 Ursula Williamson W40 LEI 53.07 2 Paul Beresford M21 DVO 53.52 3 Chris Williamson M16 LEI 73.50 4 Clare Sutherland W16 SYO 74.11 5 Pauline Ward W55 DVO 80.09 6 John Middler M50 NOC 82.35 7 Brian Ward M65 NOC 91.44 8 Rachel Davis W35 DVO 92.14 9 Paul Robinson M35 DVO 97.46 10 Alain Presset M35 TVOC 98.32 11 Peter Brooks M40? NOC 110.25 Mark Burley M16 NOC Rtd Roger Williamson M55 LEI Rtd Paul Hammond M40? HOC Rtd Back to Contents

Long 6.2km 75m 18 controls 1 David Hodkinson M20 NOC 54.00 2 Matt Dickenson M18 DVO 76.14 3 Jim Saville M40 LEI 98.25 dsq Jim Sutherland M45 SYO m 11/17 Iain Tebbutt M35 LEI Rtd Mike Hallam M35 NOC Rtd Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser's Comments Planning at Thieves Wood holds a special challenge - how to make the courses sufficiently technical in view of the extensive path network in the area whilst avoiding the worst of the undergrowth. In the end I think the times were a bit on the long side for the medium course so the forest was perhaps a little difficult in terms of visibility for some of the competitors. Nevertheless, there were many positive comments and thanks received from the competitors - makes the planner/controller(s) feel content with the nights work. Many thanks are due to Andy Jones and Keith Streb for their invaluable assistance and advice ........and not least for the bacon sandwiches!

PS - a tip for all woodland in the woods at sunrise. Collecting the controls in from 6.30 am on the Sunday morning was fantastic. A special treat.

Tony Donaldson

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