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29 Dec 02Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
12 Jan 03Walesby Forest
1 Feb 03Bestwood Country Park
2 Feb 03Sherwood Pines
15 Mar 03Haywood Oaks
11 May 03Rushcliffe Country Park
8 Jun 03Vicar Water Country Park
14 Jun 03Titchfield Park
15 Jun 03Burntstump Country Park
8 Jul 03Haywood Oaks

Results for NOC Colour Coded Event and CSC, Blidworth Woods, 16/03/2003

Result set created on 16/03/03 at 4pm and uploaded at 4.30pm, updating that of 3pm. Apologies for anyone who couldn't get the splits before 4.30pm: the cix ftp site has been going down.
String course added 6pm, comments 8.30am Monday, on-line winsplits 4.30pm Monday, final results document added 5.30pm.
Controller's comments added, and all files updated for a missing WAOC counter, 6pm Wednesday

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On-line Winsplits
SPORTIdent CSV file of splits, suitable for import into WinSplits
Results document: self-extracting zip file containing Word document of results (blids03.doc)

Compass Sport Cup

Club Points First places Second places Third places Entries
NOC 254 4 4 4 54
DVO 180 2 1 2 43
NOR 148 0 0 1 31
WAOC 134 1 0 0 29
LEI 105 0 2 0 27

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