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24 Nov 02Harlow Wood
22 Dec 02Clumber Park
29 Dec 02Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
12 Jan 03Walesby Forest
1 Feb 03Bestwood Country Park
15 Mar 03Haywood Oaks
16 Mar 03Blidworth Woods
11 May 03Rushcliffe Country Park
8 Jun 03Vicar Water Country Park
14 Jun 03Titchfield Park

Results for NOC Badge Event and FCC Race, Sherwood Pines, 02/02/2003

Provisional results posted at 3:30pm Sunday. Comments added 10.30am Wednesday. Badge times added and all files updated (taking into account some minor corrections) Noon Wednesday. Controller's comments added Thursday evening.

On-line Winsplits (includes Colour coded courses).
SPORTIdent CSV file of splits, suitable for import into WinSplits
Results document: Zip archive containing results.doc, a Word 2000 document
Select comments, string course, badge courses Badge times, class results, or course splits, or colour coded courses results or splits NOC FCC Short Races, Bestwood results
Robin Hood Trophy 1st NOC (68:52), 2nd DVO (97:59), counters indicated with + in class results.

Class Results
JM5l JM5m JM5s JW5l JW5s
M21L M21S W21L W21S
M35L M35S W35L W35S
M40L M40S W40L W40S
M45L M45S W45L W45S
M50L M50S W50L W50S
M55L M55S W55L W55S
M60L M60S W60L W60S
M65L M65S W65L W65S
M70L M70S W70L W70S
M75L M75S W75L W75S

Course splits
Course 1 M21L
Course 2 M35L
Course 3 M40L
Course 4 M45L W21L
Course 5 M50L M21S
Course 6 M55L M35S W35L JM5L
Course 7 M60L M40S W40L
Course 8 M65L M45S W45L W21S JM5M JW5L
Course 9 M70L M50S M55S W50L W55L W35S
Course 10 M75L M60S W60L W65L W40S JM5S JW5S
Course 11 M65S M70S W70L W75L W45S W50S W55S
Course 12 M75S W60S W65S W70S W75S
Course 16 JM4 JW4
Course 17 JM3 JW3
Course 18 JM2 JW2
Course 19 JM1 JW1

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