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13 Jul 02Bulwell Hall Park
20 Jul 02Burntstump Country Park
9 Sep 02--- other area ---
15 Sep 02Colwick Woods
27 Oct 02Thieves Wood and Nomanshill Wood
24 Nov 02Harlow Wood
22 Dec 02Clumber Park
29 Dec 02Bramcote Hills and The Hemlockstone
12 Jan 03Walesby Forest
1 Feb 03Bestwood Country Park

Results for NOC Local Night Event, Bulwell Hall Park, Sat 23rd Nov 2002


Planner/Organiser's Comments


2.1km 25m  9 controls

 1  Mark Burley             22:38
 2  Barbara Sacre           39:09
 3  Craig Chapman           45:48
 4  Sam Brown / Alex Hewitt / Peter Lynas

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Medium 4.0km 50m 9 controls 1 Mark Thomson 44:39 2 Ruth Sutherland 45:24 3 Helen O'Neil 51:11 4 Ian Hodson 53:57 5 John Middler 58:52 6 Nick Brown 61:43 7 Paul Steed 78:57 8 Hilary & Joy Hodkinson 121:00 Back to Contents

Long 7.1km 90m 13 controls 1 David Hodkinson 43:12 2 Colin Olivant 48:00 3 Max Guscott 58:51 4 Alison O'Neil 63:43 5 Jim Sutherland 63:49 Back to Contents

Planner/Organiser's Comments It rained and rained so eventually the golf course got mapped in the rain - at least there were less golfers about hitting little white spheres towards you.

Then the clouds cleared for the evening of the event, and you came in quantity. It makes it all worthwhile. Everybody took the courses in the spirit they were intended, and didn't take controls out of order. Without electronic punching you would have otherwise needed second and third master maps to produce the necessary distance on such fast terrain.

Thanks to Kevin for helping me hang the controls and doing the organisation during the event, and thanks to the control collectors who allowed me to get home at a reasonable hour.

Ray Barnes

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